Sandi Paradis, LMT, LE, CIC
for mind body and spirit



for mind body and spirit

TRANQUILITY's mission is to provide a serene environment for the body mind and spirit to create Well Being. Your experience is enhanced by an environment that is a quiet retreat allowing you to find your inner balance through Massage, Ayurvedic Reflexology, Ayurvedic Bodywork and Marma Point Facial Massage.



Integrative Coaching 

Inside each of us is the power to triumph over fear,

to obtain tranquility and personal empowerment;

to live a life grounded in love and joy

Coaching is provided by phone:



Sandra Paradis, C.M.T., L.E., C.I.C.

Lic.# 18KT00774400

Sandi has moved to Shelby NC

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